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Binary Options Brokers

Binary Options Brokers

Everyone who plans to trade binaries will need to select one or more binary options brokers to work with. Why is this a requirement? Simply because it will be the broker who provides the trading platform and is responsible for paying out all profits that are earned. Brokers do provide more than this, however, with many now providing educational resources, supplemental trade features, social trading, and more. The process selection is one that must be taken seriously, as some brokers are indeed better than others.
We have done all the hard work for you and the list of brokers below are the top in the industry...

USA Friendly
Min. Deposit
Min Trade Size
In the Money
Up to 100% $250 $24 Up To 88% Visit Broker
Up to 50% $200 $25 Up to 89% Visit Broker
Up to 100% $200 $10 Up to 85% Visit Broker
Up to 500% $200 $25 Up to 85% Visit Broker
Up to 100% $200 $25 Up to 81% Visit Broker
Up to 100% $200 $5 Up to 81% Visit Broker

There are several key areas to examine when selecting a broker. One of the most important being reliability. People do not trade for fun, but instead for profit, which means that receiving earnings it the top priority. The good news is that there are plenty of highly reliable brokers to choose from, both regulated and non-regulated. While many automatically assume that a regulated broker is the best choice, there are plenty of reliable brokers that are not located in an area that offers them the opportunity to become regulated.

When considering a non-regulated broker, one of the best indicators of reliability will be the length of time that the company has been in business. The internet creates an environment within which information spreads quickly. When a brokerage is not reliable, word spreads quickly. If payments are not being issued, or being issued in a timely manner, the reputation of the offending broker will suffer greatly. Those who engage in poor business practices typically go out of business very quickly. Taking the time to read online reviews can help safeguard traders.

Another important consideration will be the trading platform. Every binary options broker provides a platform within which trades will be executed. This platform should provide plenty of variety, yet should remain user-friendly. Most brokers do an excellent job of providing an easy to use platform, complete with detailed instructions for how to use the interface. Some even provide demo accounts, which allow traders to test out the platform without incurring any financial risk.

Traders frequently overlook the need for access to reliable customer service. This is unfortunate, as this area should rank highly on the list of what to look for when selecting a binary options broker. There should be several contact methods to choose from, including phone, email, and live chat. Not every broker offers 24/7 support, which is fine, but the support hours should be reasonable. Feel free to test brokers out on their support by contacting them. The outcome will be an excellent indicator of what to expect going forward.

Although not absolute requirements, traders may also want to consider whether or not optional features which provide the ability to sell open positions, extend expiry times, and double investment amounts (or quickly replicate trades) are provided. Copy trading is a new feature that is showing up in many platforms. This tool allows traders to enable the trading system to open up the same positions as the top traders in the platform. If any of these features are included as part of your investment strategy, you'll need to see out a broker which offers them.

Clearly, there is much to consider. The good news, however, would be that stellar brokers tend to easily stand out from the rest. While there is no such thing as the perfect binary options broker, there are brokers who are able to meet and exceed the needs of a larger number of traders. While your specific needs may differ from those of other traders, the large number of brokers in operation ensures that everyone can be paired with the platform that is right for them.

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For the new trader, there is a certain level of skepticism that goes along with binary options trading. The promises of easy income via the accurate prediction of general asset price action might sound too good to carry any amount of truth. Although get rich quick claims are indeed stretching the truth, anyone with a willingness to learn can generate large profits from this alternate style of market trading. There best way to put a broker and platform to the test is to sign up for a demo account. These test accounts are supplied by binary option brokers who would like for you to become their client. Demo accounts offer you accessibility to the trading platform, where risk-free trades can be placed. These mock trades may be used to ascertain how appealing the platform is, and they can also teach you lots about the fundamentals of trading. Demo accounts are provided for free. Having said that, some brokers do ask that the minimum deposit be submitted before they provide the trader with a practice account. This prerequisite essentially helps the broker to determine which individuals are seriously considering trading within their platform and which are not. If you determine that you'd prefer to trade with a different broker instead, the initial deposit can be withdrawn. Not every binary options broker requires a deposit, however. Some only ask that the basic registration process be accomplished before the trader is given access to the platform. Basic registration costs nothing, and may provide access to a great deal of additional perks, such as instructional e-books, video courses, analysis tools, and other educational resources which provide information about how to use the platform and how to trade. Most demo accounts provide the trader with access to the actual platform that is used by all of their clients, while others furnish an independent area designed specifically for demo trading. Either way, the presented instruments and expiration times ought to be the same. The charts, graphs, and asset price data should also be identical. Each of these components work together to show traders exactly what trading entails, both the good and the bad. There is a lot to be learned when practicing binary options trading. All of the insights gained during the course of simulated trading may be applied when trading for profit. There are going to be benefits for the beginner and experienced trader alike. The new trader will be taught how to trade, along with how to use the platform. As for the seasoned trader who already understands how to trade, the advantage will be having the ability to witness the platform in operation, after which, an educated decision can be made with regards to broker selection. Given that it does not take very long to learn how to trade binary options, traders may want to use their demo account to try out various strategies. These could be very basic or quite complex. With no real investment money at risk, go ahead and test as many methods as you like to see how well they perform. Mock trading is simply the best way to test a strategy without any associated financial risk. Demo accounts can also be used to analyze binary options signals. Trade alerts can be analyzed via paper trading (creating trades on paper and monitoring the outcome), but there are definite benefits which come using signals inside of the platform you may well be using. Testing can help to establish whether or not the signal supplier has the capability to deliver alerts with a high win rate. Signals cost money, so establishing that they do provide value is going to be important. The basic function of a demo account will always be to allow the trader to test the platform. If the platform is overly complex and not user-friendly, turning a profit on a consistent basis may very well be challenging. Modern day brokers do an excellent job of providing straightforward platforms. Then again, each is going to be unique in its design and this may have an impact on your trade activity. The benefits associated with opening a demo account are very clear. Practice accounts may be especially beneficial to individuals who are distrustful of brokers, or are leery of binary options trading in general. As much information as there is available online about this form of trading, it may not be until a trader actually experiences what it is like to trade before they truly understand how simple binary options can be.

For the new trader, there is a certain level of skepticism that goes along with binary options trading. The promises of easy income via...