John Anthony Signals

John Anthony Signals

There are many helpful tools available to binary options traders, with trade alerts being one of them. Among the top providers of such information is John Anthony Signals, a signal delivery service that launched in August of 2014. Since that time, JAS has amassed thousands of subscribers from locations all around the globe. If you currently trade, or plan to trade binaries, here’s what you need to know about John Anthony’s signal service…

As you may have already guessed, John Anthony is the creator and owner of JAS. John is a successful career trader who made the decision to help others by creating a service that would alert all who subscribe to some of the best trade opportunities of each day. After many months and extensive testing, his service was officially launched and was an instant hit with traders. Featuring easy to use alerts and a high win rate, it is no mystery why so many rely on John to help them generate substantial profits.

So, how does the service work? The setup is actually very user-friendly. All new signals are posted to a live signals page that can be accessed only by members. On this page, a list of both new and expired positions is provided. When a new signal arrives, it appear at the top of the list. A bell sound alerts traders to the fact that a new signal has arrived. All new signals are labeled as such, and when the trade ends, the outcome – Win or Loss – is listed to show traders the outcome. Prospective members can view past results on the homepage, and this information is updated continuously.

Each alert provided by John Anthony Signals provides the specific information needed to enter into a binary options trade. This includes the currency pair to select, entry rate, expiry time, and forecast (Put or Call). All of this information is laid out in an easy to read format, making it easy to use it to enter into a trade quickly. A number of customization options are also offered, such as the ability to set the system to a specific GMT time, see signals for only one type of asset, and to receive only Put or Call positions. These functions allow members to only receive the information they wish to receive.

The JAS system functions 24-hours a day, Monday to Friday. An average of 17 signals are delivered each day, with most being posted when the major global markets are open to traders. This would include markets such as those in Asia, Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Delivery is based solely on market conditions, so there is no way to predict in advance the exact time that each alert will come though. Even so, everyone who actively trades should receive plenty of chances to trade along with the signals each day.

There are times when the system does pause, or go into “Protection Mode”. This is done to protect traders from losses when the markets are extremely volatile, such as just before and after the release of important economic data. Once conditions return to normal, the system does as well. The current status of the system can be determined by viewing the provided status bar. A green bar indicates that the system is functioning as normal, while orange indicates that the system is paused. Specific information can be found within the bar as well.

At the time of this writing, John Anthony Signals provides a manual trading service, meaning that the information provided must be used by the trader to enter into each trade. However, John has announced that he will be releasing automated versions for both his binary options service, as well as a new Forex service (known as JAFX). These new services will automatically execute trades on behalf of the trader, while remaining within the pre-set parameters that have been selected. These hands-free systems are sure to appeal to those who have a limited amount of time available to trade each day.

As with all effective signal services, there is a cost to receive JAS service. For unlimited monthly signals, the cost is £99. The service is subscription-based and can be cancelled at any time. John does offer an ongoing promotional offer that allows traders to receive a free month of service. To claim this offer, traders must sign up for, and fund an account with a recommended broker. The recommended broker list is not extensive, which is actually a good sign, as it means that John does not recommend just any broker. As anyone who has ever traded can attest to, broker reliability is extremely important.

What many wish to know is just how much money they will earn when using the alerts provided by John Anthony Signals. There really is no set answer to this question, as the answer will depend on many different factors. For one, the number of signals used will need to be considered, along with their accuracy. JAS maintains a 72% overall win rate. The chosen investment amounts and return rates offered by your binary options broker will also need to be taken into consideration. The 72% win rate is really key – as it means that there is the potential to win many more trades than you lose, and of course winning is the key to profiting.

Many experts advise new traders to not rely heavily solely on signals, but to instead use them to supplement their regular daily trading efforts. While it is highly advisable to understand the basics of binary options trading before using signals, trade alerts can account for most if not all of your daily trades if they are coming from a reliable source such as JAS. Trading binaries is rather simplistic, but many find that they need additional help in order to push above merely breaking even. The John Anthony Signals service was designed to do just that, and it delivers on the company promise to help traders earn the largest amount of profit using only minimal effort.