There are times now and again when you may wish to have the ability to sell your option mid-trade. Well, it is possible. While trading binary options, losing positions can at times be sold at an equal, or occasionally better, price than your initial investment amount. This can be an extremely useful feature during periods when market conditions are exceptionally unstable.

To begin the process of selling back your trade positions, you will first want to take a look at your listing of open positions. Either in the money or out of the money positions are able to be sold. On the right hand side of each trade, you should see a Sell button displayed. This button is only visible when the selling option is available. Press the button to view the purchase price offered for your option.

Depending on the position of the trade, the price being presented can vary. For instance, if the option is out of the money, you will be shown a lower price for the purchase of that option than if it were in the money. You have only a few seconds to decide to either reject or accept the purchase offer. If however, you’re having a tough time deciding, simply “refreshing” the button will display a newly revised purchase offer for you to consider.

With any offer that you choose to accept, the purchase price will be added directly into your trade account. Be aware though that your original investment amount is not the amount being refunded. For instance, if you choose a $50 investment in a trade and then opt to accept a purchase offer of $47, you will then have $47 credited to your account, not $50. The Sell ability is not a refund service, but rather an alternative way to prevent complete investment loss if the asset price is not heading in the expected direction. It is further made use of as an aid in securing a profit when an option is going in your favor.

Taking advantage of the Sell function is entirely optional. However, there are times that it can indeed be useful to help minimize losses and assist in steady profit growth. There is considerable value in the ability to have control of your open binary options trades, so in the course of your daily trading, be sure to keep this capability in mind.